Bricz Launches New Headquarters Office in Atlanta, GA


Bricz Launches New Headquarters Office in Atlanta, GA

January 10, 2017 – Bricz, an Atlanta based supply chain solutions provider is proud to announce the official opening of its Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. The Atlanta HQ, which opened on 12/19/2016 will serve as Bricz central office to manage all professional services engagements. The office space floor plan is designed to promote worker productivity in a collaborative work environment.

Bricz CEO, Ram Gopalakrishnan, says “Over the last 3 years, Bricz has established itself as a niche supply chain consulting organization that delivers value to customers with analysis, implementation and optimization projects. I’m thrilled about moving out to our new location. The milestone opens up doors for better collaboration amongst our resources, resulting in much bigger customer success stories.”

The new office is located at 200 Ashford Center North Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30338. For more information, contact

About Bricz

Founded in 2013, Bricz is a next generation supply chain solutions provider based in Atlanta, with a niche focus on Omni-Channel Supply Chain Execution Systems. Bricz has a mix of enterprising supply chain leaders and meticulous execution specialists with a passion in supply chain analysis, implementation and optimization. 

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