At Bricz we believe in making a difference serving our local community. Our approach to giving back enriches our lives while allowing us to contribute to the beautiful Metro Atlanta area.

At Bricz we believe in having FUN outside the “corporate walls”. Did you say Happy Hours!



At Bricz open and honest communication is expected and welcomed. Our employees are engaged by sharing their ideas and providing meaningful feedback which is vital for to our growth. Your input matters!


We do the right thing and treat our team members, customers and partners with the utmost respect.  We embrace and value each individual’s unique contributions




Integrity & Accountability

At Bricz, we want to be known throughout the industry to operate with integrity and honest. In order to achieve that standard, we ask our team members to treat everyone with respect. We also expect them to be open and honest with clients, giving honest feedback and not just feeding what they want to hear.

Work Culture & Balance

Maintaining a positive work culture will lead to happier and more productive employees. Bricz fosters this attitude throughout our team. We embrace the team concept and expect team members to establish a positive environment where they enjoy coming to work. We expect people to be a team player and share their knowledge and push for personal growth amongst their peers. Finally, we maintain a healthy work-life balance by incorporating exciting team building event and social gatherings while also being flexible as life coexists with work.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

At its heart, Bricz is a team of individuals with a passion for innovation. We find ourselves pushing the envelope to create innovative solutions to complex problems that our clients bring to us. We also see the desire to spearhead internal initiatives and take a role in growing Bricz to become a better company.

Excellence in Customer Service

 Bricz strives to be known for excellence in customer service. We want our customers to know that we provide top notch services which in turn provides them with greater value. We want to strive to make every client refereneable by crafting mutually beneficial relationships with clients and exceeding expectations by solving problems before the client realizes they have a problem.

Positivity & Passion

We expect our team members to always display a positive attitude and passionate enthusiasm for work. If everyone comes to work with a smile and ready to face the day then positive interactions and work culture will follow.