Flexible Supply Chain Services: No need for long term commitment to realize long term results

At Bricz, we’re breaking down the barriers of how to execute ad-hoc support. It’s called the Bricz Flex Plan (BFP). Our consultants and management team have engaged in over 100 supply chain implementations. This flex plan introduces a hassle free and confidential process of ramping up your implementation needs, without a prolonged sales cycle or long-term commitment. We provide companies with supply chain specialists who can step in and make a substantial difference right when they need it most. Whether planning for a quick system modification or putting out fires during a go-live, having a flexible resource option at your fingertips is hugely beneficial. Flex-up with Bricz by the hour, week, or month in three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the quick request form
  2. A Bricz representative will contact you within 24 hours
  3. Review and complete our quick BFP SOW

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